Celebrating Resilience and Unity: Asmlash-Grant Foundation’s 3rd Anniversary in Um Rakuba Refugee Camp – Sudan

In 2021, a pivotal year for AGF, we broadened our horizon to address the pressing needs of refugees displaced by conflict, extending our services to Sudan. This expansion marked a significant chapter in our journey, as we began to forge new paths in humanitarian service.


This week, we are proud to commemorate three years of steadfast commitment and humanitarian service within the Um Rakuba Refugee Camp in Sudan. Founded by Suzani and her husband, Mr. Grant, the Asmlash-Grant Foundation has stood as a beacon of hope and resilience for the refugees impacted by Sudan’s conflicts. Our third anniversary is not merely a celebration of time; it’s a reflection of AGF’s profound impact, a testament to the obstacles we’ve surmounted, and a celebration of the unwavering spirit of the communities we’ve had the honor to serve.

Photo Exhibition: A Journey through Lens

AGF’s anniversary began with an evocative photo exhibition attended by community leaders, UNHCR representatives, and fellow humanitarian workers in Sudan. The exhibition painted a vivid narrative of AGF’s inception by our founders and highlighted the profound impact of our Maternal and Children Clinic, economic support programs, and financial assistance initiatives on the refugee community.

Community Voices and Recognition

The event was further graced by heartfelt messages from our founders, board of directors, and a special congratulatory note from the refugee leader, Mr. Kemal. These messages echoed our collective commitment to bettering lives. In recognition of exceptional service, health promoters trained at our clinic were awarded certificates, a testament to AGF’s focus on capacity building and empowerment.

Sports for Unity: The Football Game

Culminating in an exhilarating football match, the anniversary celebration transcended beyond mere festivity. The match, featuring Segar Football and Berhe Guma Football teams, ended in a gripping penalty shoot-out, with Berhe Guma emerging as champions. This sporting event, far more than a display of talent and competition, was a celebration of community spirit, resilience, and the therapeutic power of sports in fostering social and psychological well-being among refugees.


AGF’s Commitment: Beyond the Celebration

 As we reflect on our third year in Um Rakuba Refugee Camp, we recognize this milestone as not just a celebration of past achievements but as a reaffirmation of our ongoing commitment. AGF continues to stand as a beacon of support, trust, and confidence for the refugees, dedicating ourselves to enhancing their lives through various initiatives that extend beyond basic needs to include social integration, psychological support, and communal harmony.


Looking Ahead with Hope

AGF 3rd Year of establishment commemoration in Um Rakuba Refugee Camp has set a precedent for our continued efforts. As we move forward, we remain committed to nurturing the physical, social, and psychological well-being of the refugee community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported our journey and invite you to join us as we continue to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Get involved here and join our family of compassionate humanitarians.