Local Tigrayans demonstrate outside Turkish consulate to protest support of Ethiopian government

More than 100 members of Houston’s Tigray community gathered outside the Turkish consulate Wednesday to protest the alleged sales of drones to the Ethiopian government for use in their war with Tigray.

Calling the crisis an example of ethnic cleansing, activists draped themselves in red-and-yellow Tigrayan flags and held signs bearing slogans such as “Turkey, stop sponsoring genocide in Tigray” and “Stand up for rape victims in Tigray.” Vehicles beeped in support as they drove by the protest on Post Oak Drive near the Galleria.

“The women and girls being raped are our mothers and sisters. The priests in the churches and the sheikhs in the mosques being killed and slaughtered are our brothers and fathers. These are very real people,” said Yosef Kidane, board member of Tigray Community Houston, to the crowd.

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