Urgent Call for Protection of Refugees Amid Escalating Conflict in Gedarif State, Sudan

The Asmlash-Grant Foundation (AGF) is urgently calling for international action as the conflict in Sudan nears refugee camps in the Gedarif State, home to over 70,000 Tigrayan refugees. With violence approaching within 100 kilometers, these refugees face a perilous situation.

The advance of warring factions towards the camps has severely impacted the vulnerable refugee population, exposing many to the risks of human trafficking, sexual violence, and other various human rights abuses. This situation has deteriorated further due to major international humanitarian groups withdrawing from the camps, significantly suspending essential aid delivery.

As a community-led humanitarian organization operating in one of Gedarif’s densely populated camps, we are profoundly concerned not only for the refugees we serve but also for our staff, many of whom are themselves refugees. Their safety and security are now in jeopardy.

The Asmlash-Grant Foundation is extending its resources to the fullest, yet the magnitude of the crisis surpasses our current capabilities. We urgently call upon the international community, governments, and all relevant stakeholders to:

  1. Prioritize the Protection of Refugees: Ensure the safety of refugees, providing them with secure relocation options and necessary humanitarian aid.
  2. Seek Immediate De-escalation of the Conflict: Engage in diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the conflict and prevent further harm to civilians and refugees.
  3. Strengthen Humanitarian Response: Mobilize resources and support to aid organizations on the ground, enabling them to respond effectively to the escalating humanitarian crisis.

The situation in Sudan, especially in Gedarif State, underscores the devastating human toll of conflict. The world must not ignore the plight of these refugees, who have already suffered greatly. Immediate and concerted action is needed to avert further catastrophes.

For more information or to support our ongoing efforts, please email us at info@asmlash-grant.org.