The Ministry of Health Bureau, Sudan Visits AGF

Asmlash-Grant Foundation received an unexpected visit from the Ministry of Health bureau, Sudan. The visit took place on the 19th of July, 2022. Among the visitors were the federal minister of health, Dr. Haitham Mohammed Ibrahim, the Director General of Gedaref health bureau Gedaref state, Dr. Hussein Mohamed Hussein, the Governor of Gedaref state, Mr. Mohamed Abdelrahman Mahjoub, and the Director of health insurance Dr. Al-Rahman Al-Makki. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a random general inspection and observe the work being conducted by Non-Governmental Organisations at Um Rakuba refugee camp, home to more than twenty thousand refugees. Members of the AGF team took this opportunity to provide a tour of the clinic and inform the MoH delegates on what services are currently being provided. AGF’s vast services include but are not limited to outpatient, family planning, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and Antenatal services.

AGF clinicians also presented the visitors with organization’s goals to continue improving the health and quality of life of the refugee population as well as the host community in Sudan. AGF hopes to widen the scope of its humanitarian services by adding delivery, an extended immunization program, and nutrition services. The clinicians also noted that AGF might be restricted in executing its lifesaving work for lack of essential resources such as medicine and laboratory equipment. The MoH expressed gratitude to the organization and left the site with a renewed willingness to support AGF in its limitations.

Asmlash-Grant Foundation hopes to continue working to provide essential humanitarian services and grow to exceed the expectations of the MoH.